DPS Backstage Concerts: A cool concept

We had the pleasure of attending DPS’ Backstage Concert Series event on May 10, 2012, an intimate performance showcasing Midnight Hour and Courtney Jenae. The concert was filmed at DPS’ location in Irvine, CA and streamed live on ustream.com as well as on various online magazines. [Keep reading for full story]

[By Monica Harris]

Touring, corporate events, high end fashion.  These are specialties of Digital Sound Production Services Inc. (DPS).

The DPS team works with musical talent to produce shows and corporate design, including staging, audio and lighting systems.

Before the Backstage Concert Event on May 10, 2012, I spoke with Anthony Dever, CEO of DPS, and he told me the concert series is gaining quite a bit of momentum. “It started off as a way to showcase local talent to the industry and make a mark on Orange County.” DPS prides itself as the number one production company in Orange County, he says, and they take pride in backing up that statement by showing people why. “We have invested a lot of money in product and a lot of time and energy into our system so we want to highlight it and invite certain people to come see. With a show like this we can do that. We can show it off to the media, the press, and give people a feel for who we are as a company and our design style… It’s a cool concept that is structured to captivate our audience.”

Courtney Jenae performing at DPS, Inc. Backstage Concert Event (Credit: Brittany Woolsey)

DPS has literally turned their warehouse into a venue. I was impressed with the stage and lighting system. The company is family-run and has been growing strong for 9 years. “We’ve been making a real dent on the industry,” Dever says.
DPS is currently in talks with PBS to air its Backstage Concert Series as a 12-part program. Upcoming performers include Colbie Caillat.