The Hundred in The Hands @ The Echo

Franceasca Seiden reviews The Hundred in The Hand’s performance @ The Echo 6/27/12

With One AM Radio, Stefaloo and Superhumanoids

[By Franceasca Seiden]

I was introduced to not one but two bands that have found their place in my music library, the indietronica band The Hundred in The Hands or THITH and One AM Radio as I watched them perform at The Echo.

The Brooklyn based duo of Eleanor Everdell (vocals/keys) and Jason Friedman (guitar) formulated THITH after they met in art school back in 2008. They hit the stage at the Echo on June 27 around 11pm to play for a pumped up although intimate crowd. A high-energy band with a ghostly electronic post-punk sound haunted the small space, as did the singer, Eleanor’s signature style. (Total Girl Crush BTW.) The pixie like front woman fell “for the first time ever on stage” when one of her 6 inch platforms gave out from underneath her but she gained the respect of everyone that night when in true rock star fashion she slipped off both shoes and continued to play her microKORG on her tippy-toes. Her band mate, Jason Friedman rocked his Rickenbacker 330 guitar loud enough for a blind man to think there were more than just two people on stage, guaranteeing a lengthy music career.

Photo by Franceasca Seiden

The set list included Pigeons, TomTom and most songs from their new album, Red Nights, released earlier this month, as well as their 2010 debut album. (Both solid from beginning to end.) The Hundred in The Hands will be on tour this summer and are for sure to become a music festival favorite. Check out their website for all the band’s info and don’t forget to buy their album!

Watch the video for Pigeons

Follow them on twitter @thehundredinthe

One more mention, The One AM Radio was the opener for THITH and they are awesome. You might recognize them from their single “Everything Falls Apart”  They remind me a bit of Kings of Convenience with a somber style yet dancey (yeah I know dancey isn’t a word but it is now) way about them that made a lasting impression. The duo’s dreamlike electronica sound had me as soon as they stepped onto the stage. Be sure to check them out at for downloads and info. Follow them on twitter @theoneamradio