Marti Frederiksen: The man behind the music

In an exclusive interview, we talk to Marti Frederiksen, the man behind many of the music industry’s biggest hits. He has written or produced music for such names as Motley Crue, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Three Doors Down, Gavin Rossdale, Sick Puppies, Buckcherry, to name just a few, and has written, co-written and/or produced 5 tracks on Aerosmith’s new album – out this November.

Some of the questions we ask: Is there a formula for a hit song?

What do you suggest artists do to get their foot in the door?

What’s it like working with Steven Tyler??

For these and other discussions, check out our interview with Frederiksen in our premiere issue of LIA Magazine.

Songs Frederiksen has written: youtube

(Photo by by Brandon Oustler)