Top 5 Albums to get you through the holidays

We compiled a soundtrack to get you through another holiday season. Download these diverse albums while going through the motions of Christmas. Thank us later!

[Photo: Christmas Unicorn from Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album.]


[By Monica Harris]

To save you time in deciding which music to play during your holiday gatherings, we have chosen for you. Aren’t we nice? Here is our list of albums you MUST download this month and blast during this busy holiday season. Take our word for it!


To get in the holiday spirit:


(Madison Gate Records)

Halloween is barely over (what happened to Summer?), and your Grinch nerve is starting to get the best of you. Download this album to get “in the mood” for the holidays.  Pentatonix sings traditional holiday tunes like you’ve never heard them — a cappella. The album has already soared to the top 10 on iTunes. Download and you’re guaranteed to get in the spirit.

Watch the video for “Carol of The Bells” 



For the office party:

Holidays Rule

(Starbucks’ Hear Music and Concord Music Group)

Show your office mates how hip you are. You like the holiday classics, but you want to keep the mood serious and sophisticated. This compilation was assembled by The Decemberist’s Chris Funk. The amazing lineup includes: fun, The Shins, Rufus Wainwright with Sharon Van Etten, the Civil Wars,  the Head and the Heart, Paul McCartney.  Need we say more? Show the office you know good music.



While wrapping gifts:

The Slaybell Sessions 

This EP is sure to keep you wide awake in the wee hours of the night while you’re wrestling with wrapping paper and Scotch tape. Rockers Beta Wolf bring an upbeat rendition of three Christmas classics: Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon, Jingle Bell Rock and White Christmas.  Oh and the group is scheduled to play Club Moscow on November 28, December 12, and December 19. Take your friends and relatives for a break from the holiday rush. Get your tix now.



For traveling looong distances:

Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10

(Asthmatic Kitty Records)

Let this one play for those extra long airport layovers or when cramped in a car for 100+ miles. The album contains 58 songs, allowing for a total of 100 when combined with Sufjan Stevens‘ first volume from 2006. The album contains some recognizable hymns; as well as some obscure melodies like Christmas Unicorn and That Was the Worst Christmas Ever, creating an almost schizophrenic buffet for your ears.



Christmas morning (and after):

A Very Merry Perri Christmas

Ok we admit we just like Christina Perri — and also the cute “merry Perri” rhyming title. When you’re winding down, a bit bloated by Egg Nog, with tinsel stuck in your hair, play this album and relax, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve made it through another Holiday season!



So here you have it. Five awesome albums worth a listen. OR, you can always check out last year’s list of gritty non-traditional classics.