David Dann “Sometimes” EP (review)

“Sometimes incorporates a more provocative approach.”

[By Monica Harris]

David Dann has been selling out shows in NYC, LA and Brazil, among other locales from a young age. The classically trained pianist, born in NY and raised in LA, is known primarily for House music; however, his newest EP, Sometimes, is a pleasant deviation, a more progressive sound combining various time changes and structures in an easygoing, Sunday afternoon kind of way. Don’t expect “in your face” beats here, demanding you get up and dance. Instead, “Sometimes” incorporates a more provocative approach.

Our thoughts on each track:

Sometimes – A relaxed beat utilizing classic guitar and a woman’s melancholy voice uttering “Sometimes I cry…” The beat is fairly repetitive, building to a brief crescendo. “I have secrets, I have scars as deep as anybody,” the heartbroken woman sings.  We like the gentleness of the guitar over the trance beat.

Roger Room – Possibly named after the chic speakeasy on La Cienega Boulvard, this is a catchy bubbly beat with various degrees of synths. We also like the “R and B edit” which features a stronger bass.

Love Sine – Our favorite of the three, this is a dance beat with tinges of electric guitar. Dance the night away with your lover to this long track which brings to mind late night memories at a European disco.

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The main thing we admire about David Dann is his personal vow to create music on his own terms, without major label influence. As can be indicated once again with Sometimes, Dann is striving for a greater standard in music. ~