Cheers Elephant says “cheers” to SXSW in 12 ways

Cheers Elephant returns to SXSW this year, where the band is scheduled to play 12 sets in five days.

“Not going to be easy, but when going to SXSW as a smaller, indie act, one of the ways to stir up some buzz and get noticed is to play a ton of showcases…” drummer Robert King said.

Since their successful stint at SXSW last year, Cheers Elephant have relocated to Los Angeles and are now sharing their lyric video for the catchy song “Peoples,” which premiered today on the Wall Street Journal. The song, which is available on their 3rd album “Like Wind Blows Fire,”  has a vintage 1960’s feel, with footage compiled from a tour of the northeast.

CheersElephant, Peoples

With three part harmonies and poppy song arrangements, Cheers has a sound that’ll make your heart happy.

Catch them at SXSW 14:

CheersElephant, SXSW,


Cheers Elephant is:

Derek Krzywicki – guitar, lead vocals

Travelin’ Mat – bass, vocals.

Jordan del Rosario – lead guitar, vocals.

Robert Kingsly – kick, snare, hi-hat.

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