Jane Badler is Boss

Sexy. Sophisticated. Boss. That’s how I’d describe Jane Badler, who has just debuted her new single “Losing You” from her third album Opus, released September 29.

You may remember Badler from the original “V” television show, as well as from winning the crown of Miss New Hampshire in the early 1970s.  Throughout the 70s and 80s she regularly appeared in episodic TV shows including Falcon’s Crest and One Life to Live, to name just a few.

In 2008 Jane released her debut CD called The Devil Has My Double with the Melbourne band Sir, and followed with a second album in 2011 – Tears Again.

Her new single “Losing You” is pop but not over the top. It is pleasant and rhythmic with a subtle Latin beat. In the video, Jane steps into different rooms with several costume changes and sings about how she is trying to work out “how we went wrong.” She then runs back through the rooms and falls to the tiled floor in surrender. The song is fun and the video is colorful and creative. The music isn’t pretentious. Jane isn’t trying desperately to be anything other than who she is. At least that’s the way her music comes across. I give Jane much credit for releasing pop music in a market that often only caters to listeners under 25. She proves that expressing yourself, and being sexy too, doesn’t have limits. Jane, you are my new hero.

Watch Losing You









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