Nik Kai: Nominated Rocker of the Year – LA Music Awards!


Play Video Interview! At only 10 years old, Nik Kai is a self-taught guitar phenom. He plays electric, acoustic, and bass guitar. Nik is a true prodigy. His talents were first discovered by his godfather, Dalvin Degrate, of R&B group Jodeci. With incredible hand-eye coordination and an exceptional ear for music, Nik has photographic memory so he is able to learn songs quickly.Watch Nik play here. He performs throughout California and is endorsed by Epiphone and Peavey Amps. Here we sit down with Nik and discuss his nomination for Rocker of the Year at the 2011 LA Music Awards!

2 thoughts on “Nik Kai: Nominated Rocker of the Year – LA Music Awards!

  1. Hey Nik, I was the guy that worked the sound board for you @ extreme thing in L.V., you were truly the very best part of my 16 hour day. Can’t wait to see you live again, hopefully I will get the chance to run the board again! keep rockin’ bro!!!

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