Top Indie anti-love songs

Its Valentine’s Day but not everyone is in love. We put together our list of the top 10 anti-love songs by independent artists. For those heartbroken or single folks who are annoyed at all the syrupy sweet love-talk. Get out your hankies.

Our picks. In no particular order….

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For the broken hearts:

1. Jesse Thomas: On a String

 “It wasn’t that long ago that I could function on my own. But that was before you.” Jesse Thomas’ passionate vocals in On a String will bring tears to your eyes. I can’t stop listening to this one.


2. B. Willing James: Forget Me Not

B. Willing James’ voice — strong, yet tender. Set against acoustic guitar, pleading “Forget me not while I’m away.” Chills!


3. He is We: Blame it on the Rain

No, this is not a remake of the Milli Vanilli song. Here, He is We asks, “Does she look at you the way I do?” Rachel Taylor’s voice is achingly beautiful.


For the realists:

4. Ida Maria:  I like you better when you’re naked

Okay enough of the sad songs. In this upbeat, fun song, Ida Maria cuts to the chase and exclaims what she really likes about you.


5. Vanity Theft: Anatomy

Another upbeat song, the girls of Vanity Theft claim, “Baby I don’t want you for your money.” This Houses-Haunted tape remix is addictive.


For the pissed off:

6. Atmosphere F—you Lucy

Some believe Slug is singing about his ex-girlfriends, some say he’s singing about his dependency on alcohol. Who knows? In this anti-love song, one thing is clear: he’s not in love anymore.


For the ones willing to give it another try:

7. Arcade Fire: Crown of Love

You can hear the pain in Win Butler’s voice as he wails, “if you still want me, please forgive me, because the spark is not within me.”


For the yes I love you …but:

8. Vanessa Carlton: I Don’t Want to Be a Bride

Photo credit: Matthew Wilson

What would you do if you asked someone to marry you and they said no? Vanessa Carlton poignantly sings, “I wanna be your girl, And spend this life with you, But I don’t wanna wear white…”Don’t need no golden ring, It’d be no match for the love you bring.” Okay okay so it is a love song. We like it because it’s a different take on the whole romance thing and something to think about.

 What do you think? Are there any songs you suggest? Let us know. No matter what your plans this Valentine’s Day, we wish you much love and lots of good music.



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