Q+A with DARA

Dara’s self-titled album, recorded at Milk Studios with Tom Aitkenhead, consists of songs of honesty and emotion, over stirring electric guitar. Here, a Q&A with the songwriter.

[By Monica Harris]

Q. How did you learn to play guitar so well?

Dara: Through practice, gigging and making lots of mistakes. Playing on the circuit especially with guitar driven music, you got to have your chops together, so you work at it I guess. 

Q. What inspires your lyrics?

Dara: Everything from stories I hear/read about or even overhear, to stories that immediately affect me and people around me. I kind of try to retell them from different perspectives, objectively or subjectively.

Q. You don’t have any pictures of yourself online. Are you camera shy?

Dara:  No just lazy, to be honest.

Q. Tell us more about the story behind these songs: First, “Guilt”.

Dara: “Guilt” [is] a song about responsibility and leadership gone wrong.

Q. “Heard The News”

Dara: This is a straight narrative. It’s a story I heard, boy goes to war, boy dies leaving lonely and distraught parent in this case the whole thing is really sad and shows how futile and agenda driven most conflicts are, where the only real winners are the one who make a buck out of it.

Q. “Judgment Day”

Dara: This is a song that questions our own mortality and how as you edge closer to death you learn that regret is dirty word.

Album available at http://www.Daratunes.com

Q. Will you be performing live anytime soon?

Dara: Touring the UK at the moment and will be in California towards the end of the summer.

Q. What do you hope people will get from listening to your record?

Dara: Some interesting stories that provoke thought, a new favorite record and to be enthused enough to go out and tell their friends about it, and in turn get them to tell their friends about it and so on.