I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons


A look at the new single from Mumford and Sons from their highly anticipated album Babel, due out September 25. Definitely worth the wait.

[By Jaclyn Gonzales]

It’s been two years since the English folk rock band, Mumford and Sons has released their debut album, Sigh No More. Finally the wait is over, “I Will Wait,” is the name of the first single that will be released from the highly anticipated sophomore album Babel, set to release on September 25, 2012.

“I Will Wait” is a pleasing indication that the band maintains consistency with their music and contains the same passionate and expressive lyrical arrangements that is on par with their signature vocal and instrumental sounds of their debut album. It is refreshing that “I Will Wait,” is a bit more of a polished piece that seems to be extracted from the first album as it is reminiscent to the songs that comprise it, especially the guitar strumming patterns of “Roll Away Your Stone.” This is beneficial since it proves that they know how to maintain the spark that gives them the edge and originality over newer bands.

“I Will Wait” meets expectations and provides a positive listening experience that fans especially anticipate and respect. The bluegrass and folk influence are prominent in this song, particularly with the banjo and guitar taking the lead which infuses perfectly with lead singer Marcus Mumford’s deep voice and drawn out lyrics that are sung with passionate strength and conviction.  “I Will Wait” showcases the band’s harmonized vocals and the fervor of their instrument playing including horns, piano and drums. It is a pleasant song fused with an honest realization and seeking redemption sung with the sentiment that the lyrics may lead to a double interpretation that Mumford is trying to prove to a girlfriend or significant other, “so break my step/ and relent/ you forgave and I won’t forget” but concurrently encompasses Christian overtones as well such as, “Raise my hands/paint my spirit gold/and bow my head/keep my heart slow/And I will wait I will wait for you.” No matter which interpretation, Mumford and the harmonized backing vocals earnestly convince the listener that they would unreservedly wait for amends with the repetitive yet not insipid lyrics, “And I will wait for you/I will wait for you.”

Mumford and Sons have gained more popularity since the release of their first album garnering them heavy rotation on the radio. It would not be a surprise if this song has its share of airplay since it has the same quality substance and mainstream tempo that allows this bluegrass, folk, indie rock band to cross genre lines with the quicker guitar styles into alternative rock stations.

“I Will Wait” is a pleasing song that does not disappoint and assimilates well with Mumford and Sons distinctive sound. The harmonized repetitive lyrics blend well with the folk instrumental composition which can hopefully be an indication of what we can expect from the album set to hit stores on September 25.




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