Koruscant Weekend and Half and Half @ House of Blues

Half & Half

Koruscant Weekend and Half & Half rock the House of Blues Anaheim.

[By Monica Harris]

I hung out at HOB-Anaheim this Tuesday night ready for a full line up of back to back bands presented by BreakThru Entertainment. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by a few of the groups. When I arrived, a heavy-metal type was in the middle of their set. Although a little too screechingly loud for my taste, the group was entertaining, as the main vocalist jumped around the stage, most likely pumped on adrenalin and Red Bull. I was most impressed with two groups which were a little gentler on my ears — Koruscant Weekend and Half & Half.

First, Koruscant Weekend, the newly-formed Bay Area band consisting of  “Josh, Ryan, Crim, Justin, and Mike,” as described on their soundcloud page, played flowing guitar rifts that brought thoughts of The Strokes to mind. Each of their tunes had a catchy, melodic quality that I can imagine hearing on the radio. Singer Justin Scord was notably talented. During each song he played a different instrument while he sang – synthesizer, tambourine, bass drum, and finally melodica. The crowd jumped and danced to each rhapsodic beat. One excited audience member handed his top hat to Justin Scord, who obligingly placed it on his head and commenced playing a few songs wearing it, before passing it to the other musicians for their turn wearing the stovepipe hat. Koruscant Weekend is definitely a band I would recommend.

Koruscant Weekend

Koruscant Weekend  – dates

Oct 19 Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco, CA
Oct 22 De Anza College Cupertino, CA
Nov 08 The Red House Walnut Creek, CA
Nov 10 The Art Boutiki San Jose, CA
Dec 23 The Red House Walnut Creek, CA
Dec 26 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA

The next band, Half & Half, was equally impressive.  The foursome from Redlands had an additional member this night on synths, a cute vintage-dressed young lady who added backup vocals. Lead singer Alex Watkins is the ultimate showman, full of charisma and seemingly nonstop energy, introducing each band member and each song, crooning from his heart, chest out, hands to his sides, as he sang a song dedicated to his father, who waved proudly from the back of the room, followed by good old fashioned rock and roll. During one song, there were technical difficulties when one of the electric guitars wasn’t working with the amplifier, and Watkins didn’t panic but instead helped pass the time with a funny joke or two. Finally one of the bands backstage (Black & White) willingly offered their guitar and, as Watkins announced, “Take three. This is going to rock!” And it did. The song, ‘Guilty Eyes’ was written by drummer Harrison Fakas, he explained, who it turns out, is a skilled lyricist. I thought it imaginative when during one slower song which reminded me of something the Beach Boys would sing, the two guitarists (Ben Purper and Aric Perez) strummed their guitars while seated on the floor, back to back. I couldn’t get over Watkin’s energy which kept all eyes on him during the entire set. It was a fun way to spend a Tuesday evening.  Be sure to check out Koruscant Weekend and Half & Half when they come to a city near you. ~

Half & Half – dates

DATE          VENUE

Dec. 9         Whiskey a Go Go                             Los Angeles, CA

Dec. 15       Aladdin Jr. 2                                     Pomona, CA

Jan. 4          The Wire                                         Upland, CA

Half & Half at HOB

Facebook: Koruscant Weekend

Facebook: Half & Half

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  1. Was there and I totally agree! There was some wonderful talent but Koruscant Weekend a bsolutely took the house down!!! Had a blast!! I loved that all of their material was fresh and original!!! I think this generation needs such upbeat music that actually has words that aren’t drowned out by the instruments.

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