Sigur Ros: An Interesting thing happened last night

Photo courtesy
[By Sabine Berlin]
On February 22, 2013, Sigur Ros performed at the Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany. 
Sigur Ros. An interesting thing happened last night. During the first songs, I thought omg if it’s going on like this for the next two hours, this will be painful. Because I didn’t like the new songs, here is an example how painful it was for my ears and eyes – and keep in mind the sound level and the BRIGHT FLASHES in the venue: new song

But then…they played songs like this (Svefn-g-englar)

I call this the Iceland song, when you watch it in full screen, it even looks as if the stage would float/hover above another planet. Awesome visual effects.

And at the end of the show and 3 encores, they had me again totally on their train. Sigur Ros, you are a magic band. Jonsi’s angelic, out-of-this-world voice gave me chills for 2 hours straight. THANK YOU FOR A MAGIC NIGHT.


Sigur Ros is making their way to California.  Get your tickets before they are sold out!


April 13 & 20     Coachella, Indio, CA

April 16     Fox Theater, Oakland, CA

April 17     Bill Graham Civic, San Francisco, CA

April 19     Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA



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