Vanity Heist: “The best part of performing live is being able to express ourselves”

“We’re just down to earth guys that love music,” says Aaron Garcia, guitarist for Vanity Heist, the newest musical assemblage to crop up from Orange County.  After making a few member changes and recording their first EP Its Gonna Make Sense, produced in Anaheim, the group is busy creating their second EP with big expectations. Drew and Aaron answer a few of our questions.

First, how did you all meet and form Vanity Heist?

Drew: In 2009 Vanity Heist, with founding member Aaron, was auditioning new singers to refresh what was then a girl fronted band and Drew learned about the audition through Old Shoe Records who was recording his current band at the time. Unfortunately Drew didn’t make the initial cut but kept in touch with the band and eventually they called him back to be the singer. Once the new band was restructured they needed a temporary drummer to help with writing and rehearsals so they called upon Aaron’s older brother Andrew who was glad to help. After 6 months of pre-production we decided to bring Andrew on as a permanent member of the band. We then released our debut EP in the summer 2012 and played several local shows promoting it before we had to restructure the band once again. Currently we are a 3-Piece; Aaron- Guitar, Andrew- Guitar/Vocals, and Drew- Lead Vocals.

What do you think makes you stand out from any other Orange County band?

Drew: We hope to stand out amongst the many bands in Orange County with our unique vocals & throw back style of alternative rock. We like to incorporate driving rock melodies with pop-punk rhythms layered in radio friendly vocals.  Our style is something that reaches across the spectrum of music genres and has something to offer to everybody.

What do you love most about performing your music?

Drew: I think the best part of performing live is being able to express ourselves & showcase what we’re capable of as musicians. It’s also a catharsis in a way because by the time you hear the song on stage, we’ve been working on it for weeks and dealing with whatever stress was plaguing our lives at the moment we wrote those songs. Seeing the enjoyment of the crowd is validation of all our hard work that went into the creative process.

Aaron: For me, I like the rush you get from being on stage and performing the music we love with other and see them love it as well. Or at least lie to yourself and say, “hey man, good show” haha. In all seriousness, we just like to play in front of crowds who weren’t necessarily there to see us say, “hey, you guys were really good”.

If you could jam on stage with any other artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Drew: I would love to play with Finch, Glassjaw or The Used. I grew up on these bands and it would be awesome to sing with them.

Aaron: David Gilmore – Pink Floyd. Like I wouldn’t be able to play on his level but it would be awesome just to jam with him. I’d probably just stand there in awe of his greatness. haha.

Would you ever consider trying out for X Factor like Huntington Beach group Emblem3?

Drew: Everyone keeps telling me I should but I don’t know, that kind of promotion can be a hit or miss when it comes to reality TV. There’s no control.

What do you want the world to know about Vanity Heist?

Drew: I want them to know our music, whether or not they know who we are or what we stand for, I want our music to be heard.

Aaron: That we’re just down to earth guys that love music.

What is next for you?

Drew: We are currently in pre-production for our next record expected for release this summer but we’re hoping to throw in some live shows along the way.  You can keep in touch with us by visiting where you can find links to all our social media & a FREE download of our debut EP! ~