A Phone Call with The Ready Set

[By Monica Harris. Photo credit: Jared Thomas Photography]

THE READY SET is having a busy 2013 with a nationwide tour, a top 20 hit on pop radio and a musical tribute to Taylor Swift that was recognized by Taylor Swift herself (“For the Better”).  The Ready Set is actually 23-year-old drummer, singer, songwriter and keyboardist Jordan Witzigreuter. He is currently touring with We The Kings and T. Mills as part of the Summer Fest Tour and will be playing the House of Blues-Sunset on July 30 and HOB-Anaheim on August 1I chatted with Jordan over the phone about music and his favorite things.


Q:   Growing up did you come from a musical family?

Jordan:   Not particularly. The only musical ones in my family were my brother and myself. My parents weren’t musically-inclined, but they were always really, really supportive, so when they saw that I had an interest in it, they were full force behind it, and they loved it, and they let me have practices at my house and stuff, so yeah, it’s great.

Q:   The video for Give Me Your Hand – looks like you were having a lot of fun! Where was that filmed?

Jordan:   At a big house in Encino, California that we rented out. It actually was very fun. A lot of the people in the video, the extras, were friends of mine, so I just gathered a bunch of people that I knew and said, hey, I’m shooting a video here for a couple of days, come and hang out. It was awesome. It was really hot though, it was 100-something degrees, so it was kind of grueling, but kind of not. [Laughs]

Q:   Well you had the pool there at least, so…

Jordan:   Yeah, definitely, that was the savior of the day!

Q:   What kinds of things do you like to do outside of music?

Jordan:   It takes up a ton of my time so it’s kind of hard to try to find other things, but I like to do a lot of graphic design type stuff, like I plan all my merchandise and imaging stuff. I like running, too. When I get a chance on tour, I run a lot. But it’s not always the easiest thing to do on the road.

Q:   You just started your Summer Fest Tour. Do you have any funny stories to share from the road so far?

Jordan:   You know what? I kind of do. It’s been a crazy tour, within these first 3 days, because our whole situation with our bus has been really funny. We’ve been driving around in this rental van waiting for our broken bus to show up. Everyone is super packed into this little vehicle and we’re kind of on the edge of almost misery but not quite. It’s cool though. That’s been the most interesting story so far.

Q:   Anybody that you’d like to collaborate with?

Jordan:   I’m always open to collaborate with anybody. I always think it’s cool to do stuff with hip hop artists. Like I’ve done some stuff with my friend Mod Sun and with the New Boyz. The kind of stuff I do, it’s so open to anything. So if anybody wants to collaborate, I’m down.


Ready Set

Q:   You always seem very upbeat and positive in your songs and videos. What advice would you give to any fans that may be going through a hard time?

Jordan:   I think the best advice probably is try to take everything that happens with a grain of salt. Don’t let small things ruin your world because it can happen easily, and I think it happens to everybody where one tiny thing happens, and then it slowly starts to feel like everything crumbles. I think having a good perspective and being okay with yourself and who you are, and what you want to be, I think, is a huge, huge game changer for people. So if you can do that, I think it opens up a whole new world where you don’t have as much stress and worry, and you’re not sad in general.

Q:   What is your favorite song right now?

Jordan:   I really like the song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood.

Q:   Is a new album in the works? Are you working on it right now?

Jordan:   Yeah I actually just finished it before I came out for this tour. Right now I’m getting mixes back and we’re working on a release this week actually, so it’s going to be very soon! ~

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