HOLLY ELLE: No rules, no labels, no limits.

[By Monica Harris]

HOLLY ELLE is making moves in the music industry. Just a few years ago, the talented songstress who’s sultry voice can be mistaken for Beyonce’s, moved from Canada to Nashville to pursue her musical career and within a short time released an EP entitled Infinitude.  A song from the EP, “Don’t Come Home,” was featured on the finale of MTV’s Real World: San Diego. Her second EP Leopardess, soon followed, and is available on iTunes. We talked to Holly about her music and personal style.

Q. What was it like moving from Canada to Nashville, and was it an easy adjustment?

For the most part it was easy. I’d already lived away from family for a while and I like change, so the experience was fun and exciting. Every once in a while I like to point out little things I notice that are different in Canada, (which is probably annoying my friends by now) but in general it’s not so different.

Q. Tell me about “Freak” and the inspiration behind that song?

I wrote it back in 2010 when the issue of bullying and the damage it can cause first started coming to the forefront. News stories were popping up one after the other about teens committing suicide and I was so disturbed and constantly thinking about what a sad situation it was. Then I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with this song idea and jotted it down. The idea being that you can take what makes you different and celebrate it. Rather than it being a hindrance, it can be what sets you apart and makes you soar.


Q. How would you describe your personal sense of style?

Diverse, fantabulous and fun. My philosophy in my music and in life is: no rules, no labels, no limits. So I like to rock it all. The only thing that stays pretty constant is that I love me some heels.

Q. If you could have dinner with 3 music artists who would they be?

Paul McCartney,
Mariah Carey,
Max Martin – It would give me time to convince him to produce a track for me

Q. What is the best advice you’ve received about the music industry, so far?

“It’s all bullshit”
I guess I should qualify that with an explanation, as the tone of that is not negative, but rather encouraging. In other words, there’s no instruction manual, nobody really knows anything for sure, and you can’t get too caught up in trying to follow a blueprint of what worked for someone else. Just do you.

Q. What one thing that’s happened in your life that’s made the biggest impact on who you are today?

Wow, great questions. I’d say moving away from my family. We have always been a really close family, and we continue to be, but living out on my own has helped me to grow in ways I never imagined.

Q. What’s next for Holly Elle?

Super deluxe mega stardom… Um I just stay the course and keep on heading where my heart leads me. And I will continue to make music that reflects that. ~

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