“Under the Sun” Tour Review

90’s bands Smash Mouth, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray perform at the Greek Theater

[By Jaclyn Gonzales]

It’s as if a time capsule was opened from the late 1990’s. A high energy show with five popular bands who each shared their peak of radio airplay around the same time brought fun and nostalgia to the Greek Theater on Saturday night. The “Under the Sun” Tour featured three headliners: Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray and the Gin Blossoms. They were also joined by Vertical Horizon and Fastball.

It appeared each band maintained their fan base; each singer pumped up the crowd with hit after hit, which brought the audience to their feet and loyally sang the lyrics back to the band.  Despite what some people may think when you hear a concert tour with older groups touring together, it is obvious that these bands love performing live for their fans and have developed a camaraderie over the years with each other.

Gin Blossoms entertained the crowd with their string of hits, such as, “Hey Jealousy,” “Allison Road” and “Found Out About You” just to name a few. Their appearance may have slightly changed over the years, but musically and vocally everything sound preserved.

Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, uses his high energy persona to engage the audience to participate and provide an encompassing Southern California vibe to the show. Of course he sang hits such as, “Someday,” “Every Morning,” and “Fly.” They did a throwback to their punk days performing, “Mean Machine,” to pay homage to their musical beginnings and showcase their foundation for the band. They did a captivating cover of the Violent Femmes song, “Blister in the Sun,” which excited the crowd and began an impromptu sing along.

And Finally, Smash Mouth took the stage. Their signature beach and summer sounds blasted through the venue. Delivering singles such as “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby,” “Walkin’ On the Sun,” and did a cover of the Kinks “You Really Got Me” as well as the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer.”

Starting off the night was Fastball with singles, “The Way” and “Out of My Head.” While Vertical Horizon sang a five song set with singles, “You’re a God” and “Everything You Want.”

A night filled with memorable songs performed by artists that still have what it takes to rock, proves that even after ten plus years that their songs are still popular as they were in the late 90’s. An exciting night with multiple bands, great songs, perfect Southern California weather and nostalgia proved that “The Under the Sun” Tour was the place to be for a fun summer night. ~