A Rocket to the Moon is: Eric Halvorsen, Nick Santino, Justin Richards, Andrew Cook

A ROCKET TO THE MOON has embarked on tour with upcoming shows on the West Coast, including Anaheim’s Chain Reaction on April 2nd!  [CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW!]


For this tour, group members Nick Santino, Justin Richards, Eric Halvorsen, and Andrew Cook are partnering with the Keep a Breast Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at helping to eradicate breast cancer through education. The boys are touring with Anarbor, Valencia, Runner Runner, and Go Radio.

This week we caught up with drummer Andrew Cook for a quick Q&A about all things music:

Life-is-Awesome: Who was your musical inspiration growing up?

Andrew:    I had a lot of different inspirations growing up, from punk rock bands like Pennywise to country bands like Alabama and Alan Jackson.

LIA:    One of the most popular TV shows right now is “Glee.” Were any of you involved with your school glee club or school band?

Andrew:   No not really.  In middle school I was in the band, but sadly my high school didn’t have one. I’ve actually never seen the show.  Am I missing out?

LIA:  What has been the most interesting place you’ve traveled to on tour, so far?

Andrew:   Definitely Australia . Nothing beats that (yet). I can’t wait to go to Jakarta though!

LIA:  What inspires you musically?

Andrew:   Life in general! And other drummers I tour with. And my favorite bands.

LIA:   If you have a bad day, what motivates you to keep going?

Andrew:   Imagining what I’d be doing if I wasn’t lucky enough to play music for a living.

LIA:   What’s your favorite thing about performing live?

Andrew:  The looks on kids’ faces when you start a song they really want to hear. And kids singing along of course. Those are the best parts of my day.

Discover more about Andrew and A Rocket to the Moon including downloads, photos, and complete tour schedule here!

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