FRENCH HORN REBELLION “A journey of epic proportions”

In honor of their debut album, The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion, we asked Robert and David Perlick-Molinari of French Horn Rebellion a few questions using the song titles off their album, which is available digitally as of April 19th, and physically May 24, 2011. Grab yourself a copy and get ready for a journey of epic proportions! CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW!  Have you ever stayed “Up All Night” creating music?

OH YEAH, lots of times! Sometimes you get an idea for something, and you can’t put it down. In fact, the song ‘Up All Night,’ was created on one of those nights.  My girlfriend at the time was going to come over for dinner, and it kept getting later, and later, and she wasn’t coming.  So, while I was waiting, I started writing some music.  And soon enough I started writing lyrics, ‘I can tell you this time it’s all right, out all night.’  Basically saying, ‘it’s ok if you’re out all night, because I’m here in my studio making hot beats!’  

     What was the best thing about “Last Summer” 2010?

I enjoyed being in London quite a bit.  I had some lovely nights out on the town with some great friends there.  However, being in the UK, one of the things I truly missed was those hot balmy days when you watch the sun melt into the horizon.  Our family grew up having a small cottage on a lake in the north woods of Wisconsin.  I remember one summer when I was about 14 looking at the lake, and thinking, ‘this was the best summer that I’ll ever have.’  It may have been true, even though there have been a lot of fun summers since.  I just love the rays coming through the trees, sparkling above the lake.     
     Do you use a “Geomancer’s Compass” to keep your yin and yang in balance? If not, how do you stay centered?

Geomancer’s Compass showcases two things we love — the combination of art and science.  It is a wheel that is used to calculate future predictions, like good fortune, crops, or weather.  It’s fun because if you use it correctly, and input all the correct variables, it will give you a glimpse into the future.  I think I stay centered by continually having an open mind.  It’s so important to continually be reading about the world around you.  

     If I asked you yesterday at exactly 12 noon what you were doing at “This Moment” what would your answer be?

I believe we were having a pit stop outside of Toronto getting some Tim Horton’s! We’re on the road with Yelle right now, and we’ve been driving like crazy to get across this huge continent of North America! 
     If you could get one wish granted for anything in the world, finish this sentence: “What I want_________”

If you asked me right now (while on the road).  I would say I want my bed!
     How would you best describe your new album The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion?

When people ask, and I have a sentence I sometimes use to describe it, I would say it’s like Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall,’ but mixed with electronic, dance, and funk.  

The longer answer is it’s a journey into our minds from the last 2 years.  We’ve been traveling a lot promoting the singles we have released, and the album is a journey of epic proportions, about a guy who travels into the stars trying to figure out what is important to him.  At least, that’s the story we created in our minds for it.  


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