LOVERS DRUGS: Creating good karma

LOVERS DRUGS: Adam, Dean and Eddie. Three guys  in Los Angeles creating music they describe as “surfy flowery indie rock.” But its much more than that.  The band’s catchy, feel-good music makes you feel like you’re in a time warp.  They bring it all together in one big heap of love, good vibes, and a drug-like induced musical high. [Keep reading for Q&A]

[By Monica Harris]

Q. You kind of have a Beatles/The Doors type of sound. Have you ever been told that?

LD: We have been told that we have a Beatles/Doors vibe (which is an amazing compliment in itself!) When we first started the band we were listening to A LOT of Beatles songs from a structural standpoint. They made succinct, clever pop songs and we wanted the same thing. Also when we were recording keyboard parts in the studio we found ourselves channeling a lot of jazz and pop sounds, much like the keyboard work of Ray Manzarek (who was a trained jazz keyboardist before playing with The Doors.) We can certainly trace those two band influences to our music. 

Q. How did the 3 of you meet and create Lovers Drugs?

LD:  We (Dean and Adam) met at our shared day job in Los Angeles. We were both in different bands at the time but then decided to start collaborating since we shared an affinity for Brit Pop music. We played a handful of shows all over Los Angeles with numerous drummers (sometimes even without a drummer.)  We finally met Eddie and we could tell he was excited about our music—he was on the same page artistically. It’s important for everyone in the band to have a common musical goal. Luckily we found that!  

Q. How did you come up with the concept for your video “Drift Off?” 

LD: The video concept for “Drift Off” came by chance really. At first, we were discussing different concepts for a video but everything seemed like it was done already. Then one night we all went to Barcade in Burbank. It’s a cool dive bar that serves cheap drinks and has a ton of old 1980s video games. That really planted the seed for the Drift Off video. Plus we knew the filming of the video would involve hours of free video games and who doesn’t like that? We found a great vintage arcade warehouse in Glendale and knew we had to go with a retro video. We had a lot of fun making the video and it’s out now on YouTube .  Oh and we also have to give credit to La Sera’s “My Third Eye” which gave us some ideas for pacing and fun visuals.


Q.  Ok let’s have fun with some of your song titles. I like your song “Midnight Movies” — what was the last movie you saw?

LD:  Thanks, we are glad to hear you like our song, “Midnight Movies.” It’s one of the slower more personal songs on the current CD. To answer your question, the most recent movies we’ve seen were A Dangerous Method, Wanderlust and The Artist. It’s tough to get out to movies since most of our nights and weekends are spent playing shows, but we love a good flick. Oh and by the way, if your eyes quickly glance at the word, “flick” it looks like, “fuck” and I suppose we love a good fuck too—ha ha!


Q.  You’re on the road right now performing in Arizona and other states in the west. Has there ever been a time the driver has “Drifted Off”?

LD:  Ha ha, no, luckily none of us have, “drifted off” while driving on tour. We’re are big supporters of the Five Hour energy drinks. Those little things will get you wired and keep you on the road. We have made many bleary-eyed wrong turns though… Actually, we are about to hit the road for a long trip to Portland and Seattle so we are stocking up right now. Thanks for the reminder. 

Q. If you were wearing a “Mood Ring” on stage, what color/mood would it be?  How about when you finish the show and come off the stage? How are you feeling?

LD: When we’re onstage performing, our “mood ring” would certainly show red. I think it reflects the excitement and electricity of our shows. After we come off stage, the “red” would linger for a while from the adrenaline, but hopefully we can calm down to a nice “blue” since that represents calmness and clarity. Although, Adam’s mood ring might be a perpetual black from all the cigarette smoke…

Q.  Any song you think would be fun to cover?

LD: There are so many great songs out there to cover that the list is almost too long. We don’t usually break out any cover songs during shows but if pressed we love to try, “This Will Be Our Year” by the Zombies, “We Share the Same Skies” by The Cribs, “Somebody Made For Me” by Emitt Rhodes or “Let Em In” by Paul McCartney.

Q. What’s your favorite place to hangout in L.A. when not performing?

LD: When we’re not performing we’re usually hanging out at house parties in our local area of Echo Park. We’ve formed a great friendship with another L.A. band named The Lexingtons and they live right down the street from us. That usually leads to some dangerous drunken weekends streaming in and out of House Of Spirits. We also enjoy seeing great local bands at The Echo and following that up with drinks at the Short Stop down the street. 

Q. In your song Waiting for the Comedown you say: “step into the future.”  What does the future hold for Lovers Drugs?

LD:  We are working hard to create good karma for our future. That is all any band can really do. The future is always unknown but that’s the exciting part. As long as we keep playing, traveling together and letting people into our world, we couldn’t ask for anything more. We’ll see what comes from that! In the near term, we are planning to record another record very soon. It’s going to sound a bit different than our other two. Hopefully in a big cabin up in the woods with a lot of friends collaborating along the way. We feel like that is an exciting future.