THE TING TINGS: Sounds from Nowheresville


Throwing a party? Throw on the Ting Tings.

[Review by Scott Asti]

So you’re throwing a party for about 40 of your friends from all walks of life and you have no DJ, and no idea of what type of music you can play that will appease everybody? Fret not, and throw in The Ting Tings sophomore album Sounds From Nowheresville and your bases will be covered. This group has such an eclectic sound that they could be classified in all sorts of genres.

I first was introduced to The Ting Tings late one afternoon in the Safari tent at Coachella 2008. I hadn’t heard of them or any of there music but was taken for a ride on a great show as thousands of my closest friends jumped up and down. I’d love to catch them on tour with Sounds From Nowheresville and see them again. They have a hip-hop vibe as well as a pop feel. Weather it’s the lullaby feel of “Day to Day”, the ska feeling of “Soul Killing”, the enormous crescendo and all out fun of “Silence”, or the mixes and remixes on the deluxe edition, they bring it.

The Ting Ting’s are Jules De Martino and Katie White. After listening to this album, I feel like the band should be around twenty plus musicians. What I continue to find from The Ting Tings is that at first take, I tend to think of their music as fluffy and on the surface. Then I start to listen to the lyrics; the emotion that Ms. White pours her heart out into songs such as “Guggenheim” with such lyrics from the soul as:

 And after all that’s said and done,

I had to,

Pick myself up and find myself at number one.

Cuz this isn’t about you anymore,

This is all about me.

 I have to admit that at first, I thought this was such an arrogant thing to say. Then I really started listening to the words and the feeling behind them, and realized that “Guggenheim” was a breakup song. Ms. White is talking about someone pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and getting back out into the world after getting their heart broken. And that is just one song on this all over the place, from the heart, eclectic album! So invite your friends over, put on Sounds From Nowheresville and don’t be shocked if your friends run the entire gamut of human emotion while dancing relentlessly.

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